Used Jets - Want One Get One, For Less Than You Might Think

By David Alan Carter

Ok, you've had your eye on a gently used Cessna Citation Mustang personal jet. The single-pilot operation suits you just fine, as you're licensed and rated. The four passenger seats in the aft cabin is plenty for your key business associates - and more importantly, family. Is it time to punch the numbers?

Used Jets - Now Affordable

Maybe so. While business aviation typically trails an economic recovery, indicators are looking up. Indeed, there likely hasn't been a better time to consider the purchase of a used jet. The recession of late has put most prospective sellers in foul moods, and many in desperate straights. The used personal jet market has become a buyers market.

Can they drop in price further? Possibly. But in some cases, used aircraft have seen their values cut by 50% or more in just the space of two years. The market is looking for a footing. And in fact, prices for business and personal jets in many markets are starting to climb.

And there's more to the balance sheet than just pure cost. If your used jet will be tapped for business, at least some of the time, factor in the positive influence of a corporate image wedded to a sleek business jet. A glinting Hawker or Learjet on the tarmac signals to clients and associates that you've made it. That business is good.

And in the aftermath of the Great Recession, with the marketplace littered with beaten and bankrupted competitors, showing a little success isn't a bad thing. In fact, it's good business; success breeds success.

Here's to shiny Cessnas, Hawkers and Learjets. Gently used jets. Affordable at last.


Used Jets - Collage

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Classifications of Private Jets

By Charley Kenneth

"This article will help to differentiate the different classes of jets available, and highlight the differences, benefits, and detriments of each.

1. Very Light Jets - Also known as Microjets or VLJs, Very Light Jets are small aircraft that are with a single pilot, seating for 4-8 people, and a maximum takeoff weight of 10,000 lbs.

Most VLJs do not have an on board lavatory, and are generally used by passengers looking to go relatively short distances of 300-500 miles (40-80 minute duration). Despite the lack of amenities, these jets are very comfortable, cost effective and a good option for trips between small local airports. Examples of VLJs include the Cessna Mustang and the Eclipse 500.

2. Light Jets - Also designed to access small airports, Light Jets are a staple of the private jet industry. With larger cabins than VLJs..."

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Buying a Private Jet

By Jones S Smith

Used Jets - Buying a Private Jet
"Here are a few things that should be kept in mind while buying a private jet:

How frequently you fly: This is an important factor because if you are not flying too often, then you should rather go for air charters than owning a private jet. Aviation experts suggest that if you and your employees spend more than 360 hours in traveling by air, then you should go ahead with buying a jet, if it is anything less, you should prefer charter flights or consider a part ownership.

The additional costs: The cost of a private jet involves much more than price that you pay for the jet. Other costs include fuel cost, pilot and crew wages, airport fees, insurance, etc..."

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Private Jet Considerations

By Amarath Pfeiffer

Buying a Used Jet - Considerations
"There are a number of ways one may fly in a private jet.

  • Fractional Card - With this manner of ownership one buys a set number of hours to fly in an aircraft in the fleet.
  • On-demand Charter - A more traditional form of renting a jet along with a staff to fly the aircraft. Good for a single or occasional trip.
  • Charter Card - Operating like a debit card, one opens an account with a set amount of dollars. This account is then deducted from on an hourly rate, in-flight basis.
  • Limited-route Alternatives - Like mini-airlines, luxury aircraft serve popular routes on a schedule and one buy a seat for each trip.
  • Outright Ownership - One buys a multimillion-dollar aircraft and pays all fees, taxes, fuels, maintenance, pilot costs, and..."

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Can You Still Afford a Private Jet?

By Earl Ayrford

"The biggest bulk of money for a private jet comes upfront. Even if you lease or buy a plane using installments, you must put a tidy sum of money down. The same is true in fractional ownership programs. If you have funds for the initial payment or you've already paid these funds, you're in a position to continue or start to own a jet.

Companies or individuals which need those funds to cover other areas of the business during hard times would do well to wait a bit for ownership, but if you have the funds, this is an excellent time to own a jet.

Aircraft Selection

A luxury item, private aircraft sales have decreased along with many other luxuries as the global economy waits to recover. Companies that are struggling might consider offloading their jet to others making it a buyer's market..."

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